Old Sarum

One of the most powerful men in the eleventh century came to Old Sarum. He did not speak the language that well because he came from Normandy in France. His name was William. It must have been a truly exciting time as the new King of England, the conqueror of these lands, set foot on the high promontory that is Old Sarum. What did he do there, and who came to see him? We do know something about who was ordered to face him, in fact, to look into his eyes. These were the landowners. They were all there, ready to swear allegiance to him, their new King. We also know that he demanded a book to be written, an accounts book. One that recorded everything he owned in his new kingdom. This book is called the Domesday Book and it is believed it was presented to him at Old Sarum in 1086. Why not ask us to take you to this historic site and learn more about what happened next?

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