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The Museum can be found in the Close and is housed in the “King’s House”. The very first historical collection is called the “Drainage Collection” and this can be seen in the Museum today. When the rivulets that flowed through each street were drained in 1855-1875, the collection of wool cutters, knives, huge keys, pilgrim badges etc were all gathered together and displayed. The Museum has several galleries. The Wessex Gallery houses the ancient artefacts including the skeletons found near to Stonehenge, a Roman Mosaic, a variety of unearthed Treasure Troves and a most beautiful jewel called the Warminster Jewel. The Museum has a cafe on site and very helpful volunteers who can help you make your discoveries.

One of the most important skeletons in the Wessex Gallery is the Amesbury Archer. His skeleton is laid out with all his implements, gold hairpieces, archery wrist protectors and metal arrowheads. Analysis has shown that this rich man came from the Alps, possibly had a knee problem, showed his wealth by wearing gold, and very importantly, had metal arrowheads. He was discovered close to Stonehenge. The Museum has many other incredible artefacts that need to be seen, so why not stay for a bit and enjoy a coffee break in the Museum Cafe?”

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