The main street of Lymington becomes a market on a Saturday. This busy thoroughfare has stalls from the bottom of the hill to the top. It is one of those places that are unfailingly busy due to the holiday makers in the New Forest and the yachts that moor in the harbour. If you do visit on a Saturday be ready for those market stalls in the main street – you might just find what you are looking for and some things that you didn’t know you wanted!. It is a wide street, but it can be difficult with vans and traffic passing through. There are lovely shops and eating places abound. The name derives from it’s Saxon origins with Celtic overtones and means, “little village by the marshy river”. It is no longer a little village and the marshy river has a history of salt-making, wine importing and the exporting of woven cloth. All history now, but the yachts on the river make Lymington the busiest little harbour and one of the thriving towns in the New Forest.

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