‘Over a Million people a year come from around the World to visit this enigmatic World Heritage Site.

A place of Ceremony or Religion that is really only the latest easily visible monument in a landscape that has played a role in our culture stretching back in time to almost the end of the Ice Age.

What great Ceremonial events has it witnessed? What weather has it experienced over the years? What great people have walked near the burial mounds, earthworks and stones? What was their experience of this important place?

Many of the greatest minds of their times have speculated, many great names in archaeology have presented their theory, but the truth is, we still don’t know for sure. There seems to be a link with the great henge at Durrington Walls, a place of yearly gatherings and festivities. There seems to be a defined processional way from Durrington Walls, “the land of the Living”, to Stonehenge, “the land of the Dead” where important dead ancestors may have been transported to be interred.

The latest findings are exciting, the link to nearby Durrington Walls and Wood Henge, the new excavations yielding even more evidence of a large contemporary site now developing on the East of the river Avon at Bulford. Why where the Blue Stones brought all the way from Pembrokeshire in Wales? Fascinating and exciting developments to tease our imaginations further.’

You must make that journey yourself and allow your own mind to question the information that you hear from us guides. One thing’s for sure, you will have more questions when you leave than you probably had when you arrived.

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