Wilton was founded by the West Saxons who had invaded the south coast in the sixth century. Their leader King Cerdic and son Cynric, fought their way up the Avon valley and defeated the Romano-British resistance at Old Sarum in 552AD. The Town is laid out on an island between the rivers Nadder and Wylye. It is from the latter that the county of Wiltshire was named. What a history! After the invasion by the Danes Wilton never regained it’s previous prominence. Nevertheless, Wilton has echoes of it’s past plus an incredible house, Wilton House and the most unusual Italianate/Lombardic church on the main road. Visit the house, the church, walk over the bridges, walk by it’s rivers and sit in the Dog Cafe, Monty and Mabels and watch the world go by.

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